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Chilkat to Xojo example

Mar 10 '18 at 23:03


I am very much interested to buy CHILKAT for XOJO. But It seems there is no actual sample that is ready to run after downloading the plugin.

Do we have sample file that we can use to learn how it works?


No answer up to now?


Just checking here, did you know this: (for example?)

If you know XOJO, it will be easy to add necessary files to work with Chilkat. Then example repository will be your friend.

Moreover here is how to link with your executable:

Download the chilkat.xojo_plugin to any directory.
Close the Xojo IDE if it is running.
Copy the chilkat.xojo_plugin file to the Xojo Plugins directory. For example, on Windows it might be C:\Program Files (x86)\Xojo\Xojo 2015r4\Plugins
Start the Xojo IDE. The Chilkat Xojo plugin is installed.


Hi Gencer,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm a licensed xojo user 2017 1.1, I also have Omegabundle 2017, GraffitiSuite 2017, Bekeeny Software and other 3rd party component.

I think CHILKAT is the only 3rd party that I don't have yet (hopefully soonest).

I just noticed that on CHILKAT is the only 3rd party component that has no sample included within the download file.

You provided me sample from the link but i cant run it unless I have license, right?


You can start coding and exploring Chilkat library using the link I gave without buying for 30-days. When you implement your class call UnlockComponent with any string and it will start your 30-day trial without limitation.

Then you can buy Chilkat :)

So simply, you can run any sample you made with Chilkat without license (for 30 days).


Thank you. I will try your suggestion.


Hi Gencer,

I tried your suggestion. I copy pasted the sample source provided in this link ""

I also add unlock event from

but I end up with

{ "error" : "Failed to validate MAC." }

Please help.


Thanks. I'm investigating to see what needs to change. The example is old and Firebase has changed since it was written. I'm thinking the Chilkat.AuthGoogle class would be used with a service account key... I'm working on it.


I was correct and solved the problem. I'm in the process of updating all the Firebase examples online...

PS> This is a case of why Chilkat generally does not provide project files included in the download. External systems, especially with REST API's can change, and it wouldn't be possible to update the examples in the downloads, and it would be too time consuming to update examples across all programming languages.


The online examples have been updated. See


Thank you!

I left chilkat almost a year ago. I back again now.