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XMP Produced by Chilkat does not load in PhotoShop?

Mar 01 '13 at 13:16

The file generated by Chilkat is failing when being loaded into PhotoShop on the Usage Right element. Specifically, this

the double quotes should contain
in order to work. When I paste in this "http://..." phrase into the Chilkat file it loads into Photoshop just fine. Is this the programmers responsibility to make sure this is getting setup properly? or is it something else?


Chilkat XMP recognizes most commonly used namespaces and will automatically add the appropriate URL. However, I found that "xmpRights" was not in the list (internal to the Chilkat XMP class). I made the change so that it's there for the next version release.

However, there is a way to work around the problem. The AddNsMapping method can be called to add a namespace-to-URL mapping.

AddNsMapping(string ns, string uri);
Call this method to add the mapping from "xmpRights" to "" so that it's automatically generated.