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GMail Authentication Fails

Nov 25 '15 at 07:22

When I try to authenticate with Chilkat IMAP, I get this failure:

ImapCmdResp: aaab NO [ALERT] Please log in via your web browser: (Failure)


Double-check your application to make sure the correct login/password is being passed to Chilkat.Imap.Login

Assuming it is correct, then the likely resolution is to configure your GMail account to "allow less secure apps":

In GMail terms, "less secure" means logging in with a login/password via SSL/TLS.

More secure means to use an OAuth2 access token, which can be done using Chilkat as shown in the examples:


Here is my situation.

Initially gmail authentication through Chilkat failed and after analysing I found that I have to turn ON "allow less secure apps". Then the authentication succeeded. To avoid turning ON "allow less secure apps" in every gmail account, I followed solution provided in below link.

Steps followed:

1) We created a certificate file(.p12).

Through the service account(in developer console) and we have the service account email address as well.

2) I am able to generate accesstoken successfully.

NSString *accessToken = [http G_SvcOauthAccessToken: iss scope: scope subEmail: sub numSec: [NSNumber numberWithInt: numSec] cert: cert];

3) Connecting to " mail" server succeeded.

success = [imap Connect: @""];

4) But when I try to authenticate to gmail account using any gmail ID the authentication fails.

success = [imap Login: @"" password: accessToken];

Below is the error message I get in imap.LastErrorText.



DllDate: Sep 21 2015
UnlockPrefix: Hello World
Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit
Language: IOS Objective-C
VerboseLogging: 0
    port: 993
      SO_SNDBUF: 262752
      SO_RCVBUF: 131072
      TCP_NODELAY: 4
    ConnectionType: SSL/TLS

--Connect_Imap SendRawCommand:

Looks like an authenticate command...
  idleTimeoutMs: 60000
  tlsReadIncoming: Socket operation timeout.
  Failed to receive more TLS applicaton data.
  recvUntilMatch: Socket operation timeout.
  getImapResponseLine: Socket operation timeout.
  Failed to get next response line from IMAP server.
Looks like authentication was NOT successful..

--SendRawCommand --ChilkatLog